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Here at Superior Float Tanks we are innovators. We are involved with the movers and shakers of the float tank industry. Here you will get the latest news of everything we do.

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2 months ago
Super Float Me - 30 Days of Floating Experience Documentary

A documentary of my experience floating in sensory deprivation(or sensory attenuation) tanks for 30 days in a row. Featured in the documentary are Richard Bo...

2 months ago
How Navy SEALS Use Float Tanks To Treat Concussions

Getting military personnel recovered faster, better, and for the least cost.

Learn how the Navy SEALs are using float tanks for recovery, improved sleep, to rewire the brain, accelerate learning, and treat concussions. http://optimalp...

2 months ago
Tilt Float Hydrometer

We are very excited to be attending the Rise Gathering in St. Louis in a couple days. We will be debuting our new Tilt digital hydrometer that measures temperature and density, even during a ... See more


3 months ago
Talking About Dr Justin Feinstein's Anxiety Study - DSP 101

"75% of people reported that floating was the most relaxing therapy they have ever experienced." Justin Feinstein's study is unpacked in another great episode of Float Tank Solutions: ... See more

Find more float tank resources, links mentioned and a full transcript of this episode at:

3 months ago

Norfolk, VA
I have two slightly used Isopods in good condition, with full filtration units for sale. Everything is in working order. We would ship from Virginia. Price is 12k each. PM ... See more

4 months ago
Float Light

Check out Jonathon Roug at Float Light and our new Orb being loaded up and made ready in the great state of Wisconsin!

See how many 50 pound bags of Epsom Salt it takes to fill the Orb Light!
#sensorydeprivation #float #floating #sensorydeprivationtank #epsomsalts

5 months ago
Local business hopes 'floating' gives Brady a lift in the Super Bowl

Proud to be boosting recovery and wellness to the best sports teams on the planet!

A company in Norfolk called 'Superior Float Tanks' is hoping their product gives the New England Patriots a winning edge.

11 months ago
Duncan Trussell Family Hour - Float Conference 2017

"...because when you're floating and *finally* you get to experience darkness--which is such a *precious* thing--and I think that the when people first were talking about these beautiful devices, ... See more

Special thanks to Pro Float ( for making this appearance possible! This is a special recording of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour ...

11 months ago
Step Into The Superior Life

We're incredibly excited to announce our video is finally here! Special thank you to Digital Thunderdome Studios for all the incredible work!

Welcome To The Next Step Of Your Float Journey. Superior Float Tanks has been delivering the highest quality float tanks since 2013. Made in the USA Website:...

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