Custom Finishes

Float Suites can be finished with a wide array of choices from tile, glass, wood, or composites. For your high-end spa or business, the options are endless for designing and installing your dream float room.



The construction of the Quest Float Suite brings advanced aerospace techniques and materials into the floatation industry. Our float rooms feature a solid 1 1/2 inch (38mm) solid foam core encased between the fiberglass composite resin which is machined and manufactured to be ultra light and rigid.

Thermally Insulated:
The float room is thermally insulated from top to bottom for maximum performance against heat loss. This benefit allows for consistent water temperature during both long and short float sessions. As a benefit, the float room is the most energy efficient tank on the market.

A benefit from the solid core insulation is it prevents sound from penetrating the walls better, keeping the room silent. Under the base of the float room, anti-vibration pads are added to further increase the soundproofing by minimizing vibrations from the floor.