Superior Float Tanks has been the industry leader in sensory deprivation tanks for the better part of the last decade. They have provided our customers with a number of different services in order to get businesses off the ground. Furthermore, Superior Float Tanks has been walking new and old business owners through the process from start to finish and has made themselves available for tech support for the life of the units.


Superior Float Tanks has the very best float tanks in stock. These tanks include;

The Evolution Float Pod – Our best seller, this flagship pod is top of the line and the size accommodates for instillation in both smaller spas as well as large fitness facilities. A sleek look and feel helps with the usage and comfort of the tank. This feature is a step forward from the intimidating old box-style coffin-like tanks. You can say that the Evolution Float Pod fits like a glove.


The Revolution Float Orb – This is our new pride and joy. This baby has even more room than the pod and it is perfect for tall athletes. Its lower base and side opening makes it easier to get in or out of the tank. Join the revolution of floating!


The Quest Float Suite – This tank is exactly that – a room! You can open the door and step into it in order to float. This tank is made specifically for individuals who rather have more of an open space. There are all kinds of upgrades as well. You can install whatever type of finish you fancy. Your float suite can match the rest of your business and provide a seamless eye catching experience. The Quest Float Suite comes to 2 size; Deluxe and Standard. If you are interested in floating couples at the same time the Deluxe is perfect.

Starting a float business is hard. Let us help take most of those worries away. The journey starts here.

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